Session 1: Journey of Faith

Mystery of the Holy Trinity: There are three persons in God and this is a mystery we call the Holy Trinity.

Traditional graphics like the one above often can be confusing to children when teaching the mystery of the Holy Trinity. It can seem complicated for children to see the connections being made. We suggest using this image to begin the conversation about the Holy Trinity so that they will have seen this to begin the process of understanding. After a few attempts at using this image as the sole visual aid when teaching second grade aged students I realized that the children were not making the connection I wanted them to see. I came up with a new way to approach the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

When I begin our lesson on the Holy Trinity I draw this picture on the whiteboard to help explain to the children how to see the three Persons in one. I was inspired to draw this as a way to help teach children how to learn the Sign of the Cross prayer. This drawing is designed to help the children see the placement of the right hand as you would cross yourself saying the Sign of the Cross prayer. I use this to practice the proper hand placement of the prayer with the children.

God the Father is the First Person of the Trinity. He created Heaven and Earth. (The head) God the Son is the Second Person of the Trinity. He came down from Heaven to become our Savior Jesus Christ. He taught us about God, died for our sins, and rose from the dead. (The heart) The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity. He helps us to pray, be good, and love God. (The wings)

This week have your student work on the Sign of the Cross prayer. Have them practice the proper way to perform this prayer. When teaching the First Communion children we spend a great deal of time practicing this so that they are ready for their First Communion ceremony. Often an overlooked prayer this is one that more often than not I find the children need the most work to do correctly. Bonus points if you have them practice this with genuflection.  We are including the Rainbow prayer tracker sheet we mentioned for use with the younger children. It is meant to be used with the First grade level children as a way to keep track of the prayers mastered for the year. We have used this in CCD classes in the past by including the prayers in a packet or “book” for the children to use. The children will color in the corresponding prayer on the rainbow as they have committed it to memory. This is a good visual for the children and is a gentle way to motivate them to finish the rainbow of prayers.

Homework: K-2 Read Lesson 2 & 3 pages 12-17 of the St. Joseph’s First Communion Catechism (Book #0). First Grade work on the mirror craft provided in the craft package. Second Grade: Read and complete pages 1-5 in the Spirit of Truth workbook. 3rd-6th Grades read lessons 2.A #10-11 and 2.B #12-21 in The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (Book #2).

Watch: What is the Trinity

Activity Ideas:

Holy Trinity shamrock craft. The children can color the shamrock hearts, cut them out, then they can use tape to assemble their shamrock. 

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