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Hello, We’re Yvonne and Keith. We are Catholic Catechists for grades 1-7.

Mother Teresa’s quote “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love” has been an inspiration for our vocation as a Catholic Catechist for children. People of all ages can do small things with great love for God. The important first step is to take it.

On our journey as Catechism teachers we have learned a great deal from all those steps we have taken. There have been success and failures. All have been opportunities for us to learn how to bring a lesson to children. Teaching takes many forms there is no “perfect” way to teach. The best teachers are those willing to learn themselves. This is the philosophy we use when approaching each lesson. “What more can I learn?” is often what we ask ourselves as we approach the topic at hand. Even after teaching the same topic for multiple years discovering something new always inspires us further. We hope to offer you some inspiration for your own role as a catechist for your children.

Please join us on our Catechist journey.

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