Thinking about God, and talking and listening to God is called prayer. These are the prayers to learn this year. Through prayer your love for God will grow.

1st Graders2nd Graders3rd – 6th Graders
Sign of the CrossSign of the CrossSign of the Cross
Guardian AngelGuardian AngelGuardian Angel
Our FatherOur FatherOur Father
Hail MaryHail MaryHail Mary
Glory BeGlory BeGlory Be
Grace Before MealsGrace Before MealsGrace Before Meals
Grace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After Meals
Morning OfferingMorning Offering
Act of ContritionAct of Contrition
The Apostles Creed
Act of Love
Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Prayer to St. Michael
Hail, Holy Queen
statement of the Centurian
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