How to get the most out of your CCD year

In addition to the following the plan for First grade Communion Prep and using the Baltimore Catechism for the basis of our curriculum we have been putting together some supportive material for our class. Based on the age range for our class there is quite a diversity in how to approach the lessons. From recent conversations and what we know of the age ranges we think that by offering an assortment of ideas will better help you as the parent in your journey of teaching the catechism to your children. In weekly updates our goal is to include an activity sheet (coloring, word find, etc.) focusing on that week’s theme, assign a prayer of the week, mention a Saint for the week to learn about (book recommendation, coloring sheet), and suggest a simple craft that the kids can do, and/or activity that can be done as a family. For the craft we will aim include something the children should be able to do independently. Some weeks we may suggest more involved options based on our own genuine interest in the activity or craft.

All of these things are optional to do. Our intention is to offer points of inspiration for your family. As we work our way through the year we will adjust as needed.

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