Fall 2022 Update

Dear Friends in Christ,

We hope you all have been well these past few months. Over the summer we have been thinking deeply about our role as catechists. Asking ourselves: Where do we want to grow in our vocation of parenting and teaching the faith? While we have yet to return to the classroom setting our interest still remains. It has been a season of indecision for us. Not specifically intentionally but more as to the emphasis we want to use our time and talents. Having children spanning in ages from young adult to toddler makes for an interesting work life balance. Behind the scenes here we are very much still writing about topics. Many are in half complete stages a result of brainstorming inspiration.

Let me back up a bit for those who have not followed us long. In our last update we decided to step away from teaching in the classroom because we, or well, me, the mother, had a baby in the home which really does take far more of my attention than I would like to admit. Last year we enrolled our children in the 2021-22 CCD program at our parish. It was a new format where the parents attend class with their children. With the new format comes a new name: Family Faith Formation. Family of Faith Parent’s Guide and Activity Books from the Sophia Institute were used for this program in addition to lessons created by our Parish.

The first and last weeks of the month are taught in group form (think one room school house ages together) with a Leader and the mini-lesson activities are taught by the parents. The second week of the month is reserved for the sacramental children. Only those families with sacramental-prep children attend in class and the others remain home to teach an assigned lesson. The third week was reserved for the children being taught in class by the Leader while the parents attend a lecture/discussion on challenging topics relevant to raising Catholic children. The topics for adults varied from social media safety, importance of marriage, teaching skills, and book suggestions.

We had full intent of recounting our experiences in the sessions and summarizing our lessons as we taught them to our children. Alas time. It has a way of just passing along. I am going back finishing up these ideas we cobbled together from crazy scribbles on paper to become something cohesive. It has been a challenge indeed. I will release a few here and there focusing on the lessons that we feel will be helpful resources. I will make a note in each post with the original date of the topic. Some of those individual sessions may even be broken up into multiple lessons. Currently I am sorting out many parables from last year’s program thinking about how we would want to present them to a class.

This year we are enrolled in the same Family Faith Formation program. We will post with the same intent picking the topics that have inspired us to approach it differently. The 2022-23 Family Faith Formation year is focusing on Salvation History by traveling through the Bible learning about how all of the stories point toward the coming of Our Lord. So far the first 2 classroom sessions have begun as many programs do with Creation, The First Sin, The First Murder, Covenants, and Noah’s Ark. Keith and I have been discussing thoroughly Noah’s Ark. Based on our discussions this is likely going to be a lesson we will work on. Going deeper, getting past the typical “floating zoo” focus that is so often associated with Noah.

As for when? Soon we hope!

This is where we are in our journey.

Pax Vobiscum,

Yvonne & Keith

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