Summer 2021 Update

With Summer coming to an end in the next few weeks we wanted to give you an update about the upcoming 2021-2022 CCD year. After days of prayerful thinking we have decided to step aside for the new CCD year. We are Catechists that absolutely love teaching and sharing our own experiences with learning how to be better Catholics. This past year was certainly one full of unexpected joys and challenges. We found the need to think creatively to make learning CCD from a virtual perspective an exciting experience. This was the first time as Catechists that we team taught. It really grew some amazing roots of faith for us. What fun to discuss how to teach the theme for the week in a new way!

For all the great things we learned about each other as a husband and wife teaching team we also knew that the unique dynamic was going to have to shift as the world became less isolated. One of the biggest reasons we are stepping aside for a while is the time commitment. Our older children will be heading back to campus. Work has picked up for Keith as offices are returning to onsite requirements. Our son, born in a pandemic, has been a great blessing to our family. We have been reminded by his presence that babies require much more time than we remembered. As our family has shifted around we have decided that we are not in a position to be able to devote the amount of time required of group leaders. Our vocation as a married team is to our family and this is very much where we will be putting our efforts for the 2021-2022 CCD year. Don’t worry! We are still going to be very present in the program. We may even be students in your class.

As for this website? What does that mean now that we are participants rather than leaders? First let me assure you that we have no intention of taking this website down or even ending our writing. We fully expect to drop in now and again to write something. Our inspiration comes in many forms perhaps this new perspective might provide us an interesting format of discussion. There are so many ideas we have to share from our time of brainstorming last year. Many of those ideas were not applicable to the program’s topics so we have set them aside for future use. Keith and I may even write our thoughts as they coincide with our experience in the CCD program. So many possibilities. As for the frequency? How about we say as often as the Holy Spirit calls us…..or as our time chasing after a busy toddler allows.

Pax Vobiscum,

Keith and Yvonne

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