Class Books

For the 2020-21 CCD program year we will be using The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism books. There are several books in this series that are tailored to the age of your student. The families have been given Book #2 to use for CCD this year.

The First Communion Catechism Book #0 This is an abbreviated version of Book #1. Book #0 features more pictures with color to appeal to the younger student. This book is a great choice for children preparing for their First Holy Communion.

Baltimore Catechism Book #1 is a simpler version of Book #2. Book #1 is intended for elementary students grades 1-5. This book is much easier to read for elementary aged students and is a good choice for younger children. It contains half the questions from Book #2.

Baltimore Catechism Book #2 is considered the full version of the catechism containing all the questions and answers issued by the original commission. It is also referred to as the Original Baltimore Catechism. This book is recommended for older elementary through middle school ages including confirmands, grades 6-9. This is the book most families choose to use as it will serve all ages of children. Keep in mind that this book may not appeal to the younger ages as it is meant for older children and will require a parent to read along with the younger child. If using this book with elementary aged children more adult explanation will be required when using this book to teach your children.

Baltimore Catechism Book #3 is often used with high school aged students, grades 10-12, or adults. This book is intended for students who have received their Confirmation. It contains additional questions, definitions, examples, and applications built upon the content from Book #2. We will not be using this book in our small group this year, as it is not within the age range of our specific group. Many families choose not to use this book for their older children rather having them read straight from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We are referencing it here for informational purposes.

Baltimore Catechism Book #4 is considered to be used as a teacher’s manual for the original Baltimore Catechism books 0-3. It is also used as an advanced textbook often in adult formation classes. This book’s purpose is to explain the questions in greater detail. We highly recommend buying this book for your own personal use as it will be very helpful in presenting the material to your children.

If you find that your child is struggling with Book #2 you may want to choose the book that fits your child’s are range and focus for the CCD year. For the majority of the students in our group Books #0 and 1 would be more in line with their reading level.

For the FHC there is an additional workbook required to complete. The workbook is called Spirit of Truth: First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Completed pages are to be submitted to the Religious Ed office at the end of the month.

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