FHC Small Group 5

Welcome to the 2020-21 First Holy Communion Prep class. Our small group #5 consists of students from first grade through sixth grade. The method of teaching CCD has changed and we will be your small group leaders for the year. Below is the rundown of what to expect for this year’s CCD class.

Parents are the educators of their children. They will use the tools below to teach the CCD material to their children.

1.) Parents will watch a 30 min Symbolon video (on FORMED). Symbolon is the Faith Formation program we are using this year.

2.) At least one parent will attend a weekly Zoom meeting to get the lessons for all of their children. The lessons are taught in a 4-week cycle:  3 weeks of parent meetings on zoom, one week is a family community building day focused on Catholic culture (no parent meeting that week). The community building day will be an opportunity for families to gather at the Church for a group event. These events will be advertised as they are scheduled.

3.) Review the weekly Slide Deck. The slides will provide guidance on presenting the material to the children as well as listing the homework for all grades. Additional resources will be provided by your small group leaders.

4.) Using ideas from the slide deck, small group leaders, and the textbooks the parents will teach their children the weekly lessons when it is best for the family.  First grade students will have monthly craft packets meant to reinforce the lessons each week. These craft packets will need to be picked up at the Church the first week of each month. Second grade students (sacrament students) have a workbook and will be completing workbook pages that will need to be submitted by the end of the month for grading. All other grades will work through their textbook.

5.) Every 3 weeks there is a short assessment that the children take to make sure we are all staying on track. These assessments are completed and submitted online.

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